"3 High" Sino Biological ELISA Kits

---High Quality, High Efficiency, High Reproducibility

Sino Biological provides ready-to-use ELISA kits with high specificity and high sensitivity. Immunoassays are available for measuring virus, cytokines, growth factors, CD molecules and other targets in serum, cell culture supernate, saliva, urine or milk and so on. Independent research and development, ease of use and comprehensive quality assurance make the "3 High" Sino Biological ELISA kits.

High Quality Depends on Independent Research and Development

The target protein standards and antibody pairs provided in Sino Biological ELISA kits are all developed and manufactured independently based on the advanced technology platforms.

Complete Listing of High-quality Recombinant Proteins

• 6,000+ proteins in stock, based on which the specificity of ELISA kits can be confirmed by comprehensive cross reaction test
• 90% proteins expressed by eukaryotic cells, thus closer to natural structure, better bio-activity, lower endotoxin and higher purity
• Five recombinant protein production platforms

Excellent Monoclonal Antibodies (Mab)

• 90% of ELISA kits are mab-mab matching, due to the higher stability of mab
• Elite Rabbit Mab (EliteRmab®) based on leading 2nd generation rabbit mab technology
• Classic mouse hybridoma technology

High Efficiency Depends on Ease of Use

Sino Biological provides a complete combination of the followings in every ELISA kit for your convenience, thus Sino Biological ELISA kits are ready-to-use, time and cost saving, and highly reliable for your experiments, which bring you high efficiency.

Complete ELISA Kit Materials Provided:

• 96 well microplate coated with capture antibody
• Detection antibody (usually conjugated to streptavidin-HRP)
• Target protein standard
• Wash buffer concentrate
• Dilution buffer concentrate
• Enzyme substrates
• Stop solution, etc.

High Reproducibility Depends on Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Every ELISA kit manufactured by Sino Biological is quality controlled from the original materials, optimized procedures to stringent management. Furthermore, there are the following strict standards of QC insuring the specificity, sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability for the final products.

Natural Samples Detection

Interfering Test & Cross Reaction



Limit of Detection



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