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과립구 CD 항원

Granulocyte CD Antigen

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    Granulocytes are a category of leokocytes characterized by the presence of granules in their cytoplasm. They are also called polymorphonuclear leukocytes because of the varying shapes of the nucleus, which is usually lobed into three segments. Granulocytes originate from stem cells in the bone marrow. Multiple intermediate cell types exist in this process of granulocyte differentiation, such as myeloblasts and promyelocytes. There are three types of granulocytes: neutrophil granulocytes, eosinophil granulocytes, and basophil granulocytes. Names of different granulocytes are derived from their staining characteristics; for example, the most abundant granulocyte is the neutrophil granulocyte, which has neutrally-staining cytoplasmic granules.

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