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Human AP2M1 natural ORF mammalian expression plasmid

Human AP2M1 cDNA 클론 제품 정보
cDNA 크기:1308bp
cDNA 설명:Full length Clone DNA of Homo sapiens adaptor-related protein complex 2, mu 1 subunit.
유전자 동의어:mu2, AP50, CLAPM1
제한 사이트:HindIII + NotI (6.1kb + 1.31kb)
태그 씨퀀스:
염기서열 설명:Identical with the Gene Bank Ref. ID sequence.
Promoter:Enhanced CMV mammalian cell promoter
Application:Stable or Transient mammalian expression
Antibiotic in E.coli:Ampicilin
Antibiotic in mammalian cell:Hygromycin
Shipping_carrier:Each tube contains lyophilized plasmid.
보관:The lyophilized plasmid can be stored at room temperature for three months.
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