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Hybridoma Cell Culture Services

Monoclonal antibody production using hybridoma ascites in rodent such as mice is an old technology and is being widely used, but because of the usage of animal, it is not preferred and has even been banned in certain countries. The preferred method for monoclonal antibody production is hybridoma cell culture or recombinant antibody production in mammalian cells.

Sino Biological has an industry leading technology platform for large scale hybridoma cell culture in stirred tanks. It does not require the use of animals. Moreover, the monoclonal antibodies produced are generally of higher quality, free of contamination of non-specific binding antibodies. Growing various types of hybridoma cell lines is not a simple task. Sino Biological’s serum-free medium formulation and cell culture process scale-up expertise allow us to provide cost-effective services for hybridoma cell culture at various production scale ranging from mg to tens of grams.

To date, Sino Biological has successfully produced many different types of hybridoma cell culture for clients at gram quantity scale. Our success rate is 100% for stable cell lines. We also have technology in place to handle unstable hybridoma cell lines where we could clone the antibody gene out and use our recombinant antibody production technology for transient production in HEK293 or CHO cells. We also have experience in purifying all types of monoclonal antibodies from various species such as mouse, rat, rabbit, and canine.


Antibody Production from Hybridoma Cell Culture

  Hybridoma Cell Culture

•   Mouse Hybridoma Cell Culture

•   Rat Hybridoma Cell Culture

•   Rabbit Hybridoma Cell Culture

  Recombinant Antibody Production from Hybridoma Cells

•   Recombinant Mouse Antibody Production from Hybridoma Cells

•   Recombinant Rat Antibody Production from Hybridoma Cells

•   Recombinant Rabbit Antibody Production from Hybridoma Cells


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UK, University researcher: FF1AI have recently bought some human BACE1 from you and was so impressed with both the price and quality of this that I had Sino Biological Inc added to the list of registered suppliers at the University .

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