Monoclonal Antibody (Mab) Gene Codon Optimization

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 • Professional design for mammalian cell expression system
 • 1~5 folds of expression product increasing
 • Powerful amino acid codon optimization software, high throughput in codon optimization



Codon optimization

Host Cells:

HEK293 or CHO cell


1 day


Information of nucleotide sequence and synthesis primer suppliAed


Antibody Codon Optimization, antibody expression


Antibody Polishing Services

•   High Monomer Purity Antibody Production

•   Low Endotoxin Antibody Production

•   Low Endotoxin and High Monomer Purity Antibody Production

Antibody Fragment Production Services

•   ScFv Antibody Fragment Production

•   Fab Antibody Production

Antibody Engineering Services

•   Chimeric Antibody Engineering Services

•   Antibody Humanization Engineering Services

•   Antibody Affinity Maturation Engineering Services

Other Antibody Production Related Services

•   Antibody Gene Synthesis

•   Antibody Gene Cloning from Hybridoma Cells


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Germany, Pharma company\uFF1AWe ordered ErbB2 (No 10004-H02H) from you two month ago. We're quite satisfied with the product. Therefore I would like to know what the price for 500 \u00B5g or 1 mg of ErbB2 would be.

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