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쥐 glutaredoxin-1 / GRX1 / GLRX Gene ORF cDNA clone in cloning vector

Mouse GLRX cDNA 클론 제품 정보
cDNA 크기:324bp
cDNA 설명:Full length Clone DNA of Mus musculus glutaredoxin.
유전자 동의어:Grx1, Glrx1, TTase, C86710, D13Wsu156e
벡터:PGEM-T Vector
제한 사이트:
태그 씨퀀스:
염기서열 설명:Identical with the Gene Bank Ref. ID sequence.
Sequencing primers:SP6 and T7 or M13-47 and RV-M
Antibiotic in E.coli:Ampicilin
Antibiotic in mammalian cell:
Shipping_carrier:Each tube contains lyophilized plasmid.
보관:The lyophilized plasmid can be stored at room temperature for three months.
pGEM-T Vector Information

The pGEM-T is 3kb in length, and contains the amplicin resistance gene, conferring selection of the plasmid in E. coli, and the ori site which is the bacterial origin of replication. The plasmid has multiple cloning sites as shown below. The coding sequence was inserted by TA cloning. Many E. coli strains are suitable for the propagation of this vector including JM109, DH5α and TOP10.

pGEM-T Simple Usage Suggestion:

The coding sequence can be easily obtained by digesting the vector with proper restriction enzyme(s). The coding sequence can also be amplified by PCR with M13 primers, or primer pair SP6 and T7.

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쥐 glutaredoxin-1 / GRX1 / GLRX Gene ORF cDNA clone in cloning vector on other vectors
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Glutaredoxin-1, also known as GRX1 and GLRX, belongs to the glutaredoxin family. Glutaredoxins are small redox enzymes that use glutathione as a cofactor. Glutaredoxins are oxidized by substrates, and reduced non-enzymatically by glutathione. Glutaredoxin-1 functions as an electron carrier in the glutathione-dependent synthesis of deoxyribonucleotides by the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase. Glutaredoxin-1 exists in either a reduced or an oxidized form. Glutaredoxins function as electron carriers in the glutathione-dependent synthesis of deoxyribonucleotides by the enzymeribonucleotide reductase.

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  • Holmgren A. 1988, Biochem Soc Trans. 16 (2): 95-6.
  • Holmgren A. 1989, J Biol Chem. 264 (24): 13963-6.
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