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Stable cell line development: commercial cell line, GPCR cell line, analytical cell line


We have generated highly productive CHO cell lines for the production of commercial product candidates including monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. We have also generated GPCR cell lines in CHO and 293 cell lines as well as engineered human cell lines for analytical purposes only. Our high-throughput cell culture capacity and expertise in medium design and cell adaptation to serum-free suspension growth enable us to offer high quality services at significant cost saving to our clients.

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USA, University researcher: The protein (Mouse RSPO1, catalog number 50316-M08H) you sent us was very useful and has good activity. We would like to order bulk samples from you.

주의 : 모든 제품은 "연구 목적만을 위한 것이며 진단이나 치료에 사용하도록 의도되지 않았습니다".