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        LRRN3 Background

        Leucine-rich repeat neuronal protein 3, also known as neuronal leucine-rich repeat protein 3 (NLRR-3), is a member of leucine-rich (LRR) family whose members have significant functions in neural development. Leucine-rich repeats are short sequence motifs present in a number of proteins with diverse functions and cellular locations. All proteins containing these repeats are thought to be involved in protein-protein interactions. The crystal structure of ribonuclease inhibitor protein has revealed that leucine-rich repeats correspond to β-α structural units. These units are arranged so that they form a parallel β-sheet with one surface exposed to solvent, so that the protein acquires an unusual, non-globular shape. These two features may be responsible for the protein-binding functions of proteins containing leucine-rich repeats. LRRN3 plays an important role in cerebellum postnatal development. In a unilateral cortical injury cerebral cortex, NLRR-3 mRNA increased in layers 2-3 which suggests that NLRR-3 may be an important component of the pathophysiological response to brain injury.

        LRRN3 References

        • Yang J, et al. (2011) Role of LRRN3 in the cerebellum postnatal development in rats. Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 36 (5): 424-9.
        • Hutcheson HB, et al. (2004) Examination of NRCAM, LRRN3, KIAA0716, and LAMB1 as autism candidate genes. BMC Med Genet. 5: 12.
        • Ishii N, et al. (1996) Increased expression of NLRR-3 mRNA after cortical brain injury in mouse. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 40 (1): 148-52.

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