Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development Service

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Rabbit pAb Development Service Introduction

Rabbit pAb has been an important tool for scientific researchers because of its advantages such as short developing time line, multiple recognition epitopes, precipitation and agglutination reactions. Sino Biological has both excellent antigen design and antibody development team, and rich experience on rabbit PAb development. We aims to develop high-quality rabbit pAb that meets customers' application requirements.

Rabbit pAb Development Service Advantages

International leading recombinant protein expression & purification technology, multiple protein expression & purification platforms, rich experience on 6000+ protein production, high success rate of antigen expression
Professional peptide design software and high-efficiency conjugation methods ensure that the immune success rate of designed peptide is greater than 95%
Serum titer ≥1:64,000
Quoting by steps, charging by nodes, reducing customer's risk and saving costs

Rabbit pAb Development Service Process

Description Timeline Deliverables Guarantee
Antigen preparation Please refer to protein expression service
Antigen validation 1-2 days • Purified pAbs from all 30-40mL serum/rabbit
• CoA
• Remaining antigen
ELISA titer: ≥1:64,000
• Analysis of client's antigen by SDS-PAGE and UV
Immunization and serum titer test 8-10 weeks
• Pre-immune bleed
• 2 rabbits immunization
• Serum titer test
• Final bleed
Purification 3 days
• Protein A purification
• Antigen affinity purification
(Determined by customer's request)
QC analysis 3 days
• Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV
• ELISA validation

Customer-supplied antigen requirements:

Recombinant protein antigen
Antigen quantities 2.5-4mg/rabbit
Antigen Size >10kD
SDS-Page purity >90%
Concentration >0.5mg/mL
Formulation PBS, if not PBS, please inquire first
Peptide antigen
• KLH/VLP conjugated peptides 3-5mg/rabbit
Concentration >0.5mg/mL
• OVA/Biotin conjugated peptides 2-3mg
Concentration >0.1mg/mL
Formulation PBS, if not PBS, please inquire first