Sinofection® transfection

Sinofection® Transfection Reagent

STF02: Superior cationic polymer-based; For DNA transfection, hEK293 cell and other cells' transfection

Sinofection® Transfection Reagent Feature

For DNA transfection For eukaryotic cells like HEK293 For both adherent and suspension cells For operations with or without serum
Inorganic reagent without animal ingredients More then 180000 L application Easy operation and less time taken Stable with strict quality control
Higher transfection efficiency Lower cytotoxicity higher protein expression Suit for kinds of cells

High protein expression and low cytotoxicity(EGFP protein expression transfected Sinofection )

293E 293FT
COS7 HepG2
SW480 CHO-DG44

Sinofection® Transfection Reagent Suitable for Following Cell Types

HEK293H MCF7 Hela A549
HEK293FT SW480 Caco2 NIH/3T3
COS7 HepG2 RAW264.7  

Usage of Sinofection in different cell lines(96-well plate)

Cell type Culture medium Cells per well DNA Sinofection Medium change after 4-6h
293H DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
293FT DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
293E DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
293F DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
COS7 DMEM 1.5×104 0.4µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
hela DMEM 2×104 0.3µg 0.5µL 1640+15%FBS
Caco2 MEM 3.5×104 0.3µg 0.75µL MEM+10%FBS
BHK21 MEM 2×104 0.2µg 0.5µL MEM+10%FBS
CHO-DG44 DMEM+HT+pro 2×104 0.5µg 0.5µL DMEM+HT+pro +10%FBS
RAW264.7 DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM +10%FBS
MCF7 MEM/NEAA+0.01mg/mL insulin + sodium pyruvat 2×104 0.1µg 0.25µL MEM/NEAA+0.01mg/mL insulin + sodium pyruvat+10%FBS
SW480 IMDM 3×104 0.4µg 0.5µL IMDM +10%FBS
MDCK DMEM 4×104 0.6µg 1µL DMEM+10%FBS
CHO-K1 IMDM+Pro 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL IMDM+Pro +10%FBS
HepG2 DMEM 3×104 0.5µg 0.75µL DMEM+10%FBS
A549 DMEM 2×104 0.3µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
NIH/3T3 DMEM 1.5×104 0.1µg 0.75µL DMEM+10%FBS
vero DMEM 3×104 0.3µg 0.75µL DMEM+10%FBS
sf9 SIM SF 5×104 0.4µg 0.75µL SIM SF+10%FBS
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