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IL-10 Family & Receptor

IL-10 Family & Receptor

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    IL-10 Family & Receptor Background

    Interleukin-10 (IL-10 or IL10), also known as human cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor (CSIF), is an anti-inflammatory cytokine. IL-10 is the prototypic member of the IL-10 cytokine family, including IL-19, IL-20, IL-22, IL-24 and IL-26. IL-10 shares use of IL-10 receptor 2 (IL-10R2) in cell signaling with other members of this family (L-22, IL-26) and interferon-like molecules (limitin, L-28A, IL-28B, IL-29).

    Interferons, which are made and released by the cells of most vertebrates in response to the presence of pathogens — such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites, or tumor cells, play critical role in host defense mechanisms. Based on the type of receptor through which they signal, human interferons have been classified into three major types: interferon type I, interferon type II and interferon type III.

    The IL-10 family, interferons and interferon-like molecules constitute the Class 2 alpha-helical cytokines, which initiates a broad and varied array of signals that induce cellular antiviral states, modulate inflammatory responses, inhibit or stimulate cell growth, produce or inhibit apoptosis, and affect many immune mechanisms.

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