Antibody Engineering Service

Antibody Engineering Service Description

In biopharmaceutical development, monoclonal antibodies could be engineered after early screening. Based on engineering antibody platform and technical advantages, Sino Biological can provide a one-stop service for antibody engineering and production including chimeric antibody construction, antibody fragment production. We are here to give you important support about multiple engineering attempts and better study of antibody properties.

All Antibody Engineering Service

  • • humanization design
    • Gene synthesis and codon optimization
    • Vector construction
    • Expression & purification
    • Affinity analysis
  • • Antibody sequence analysis and mutant library design
    • Alanine mutation and vector construction
    • Antibody screening and affinity measurement
    • Construction and screening of random libraries
    • Antibody transient expression & purification
    • QC analysis

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