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ABHD11 (Abhydrolase Domain Containing 11) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 7q11.23. ABHD11 is also known as PP1226 and WBSCR21. The human ABHD11 gene encodes a 34690 Da protein containing 315 amino acids. The ABHD11 protein is ubiquitously expressed in colon, thyroid and other tissues. ABHD11 is related to hydrolase activity and hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds. EPHX2 is an important paralog of ABHD11 gene. ABHD11 is associated with some diseases, including Williams-Beuren Syndrome and Borna Disease.

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    ABHD11 (α/β-hydrolase domain containing 11) is a non-annotated enzyme belonging to the family of metabolic serine hydrolases (mSHs). Mammalian alpha/beta hydrolase domain (ABHD) family of proteins have emerged as key regulators of lipid metabolism and are found to be associated with human diseases. Human α/β-hydrolase domain containing protein 11 (ABHD11) has recently been predicted as a potential biomarker for human lung adenocarcinoma.

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