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All CD302 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 4 CD302 Antibody, 39 CD302 Gene, 4 CD302 Lysate, 4 CD302 Protein, 2 CD302 qPCR. All CD302 reagents are ready to use.

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        CD302 Background

        CD302/CLEC13A (C-type lectin domain family 13 member A), also known as C-type lectin receptor DCL-1, is a type I transmembrane C-type lectin DCL-1/CD302. DCL-1 protein was highly conserved among the human, mouse, and rat orthologs. DCL-1 ectodomain contains only one CRD, whereas other type I transmembrane C-type lectins contain more than one domain (e.g. selectins and MMR). DCL-1 CP contains several putative motifs, including a Tyr-based internalization, a cluster of acidic amino acids, and Ser and Tyr phosphorylation motifs, suggesting that DCL-1 CP mediates not only endocytosis and late endosome targeting but also signaling. DCL-1 may be another cell/matrix adhesion receptor integrated in cell adhesion complexes and that DCL-1 dysfunction may affect APC adhesion and migration, causing suppression of APC function.

        CD302 References

        • Kato M, et al. (2007) The novel endocytic and phagocytic C-Type lectin receptor DCL-1/CD302 on macrophages is colocalized with F-actin, suggesting a role in cell adhesion and migration. J Immunol. 179(9): 6052-63.
        • Skinnider BF, et al. (2002) The role of cytokines in classical Hodgkin lymphoma. Blood. 99(12): 4283-97.

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