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      Interleukin 33 (IL-33), also known as DVS27 or NF-HEV (Nuclear Factor from High Endothelial enules), is a proinflammatory protein and a chromatin-associated cytokine of the IL-1 family with high sequence and structural similarity to IL-1 and IL-18. IL-33 protein is expressed highly and rather selectively by high endothelial venule endothelial cells (HEVECs) in human tonsils, Peyers's patches, and lymph nodes. IL-33 protein has transcriptional regulatory properties, and the researches suggested that IL-33 is a dual-function protein that might act both as a cytokine and as an intracellular nuclear factor. As a type 2 cytokines, IL-33 protein also play a pivotal role in helminthic infection and allergic disorders.

      IL-33 References

      • Iikura M, et al. (2007) IL-33 can promote survival, adhesion and cytokine production in human mast cells. Lab Invest. 87(10): 971-8.
      • Lamkanfi M, et al. (2009) IL-33 raises alarm. Immunity. 31(1): 5-7.

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