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NKX6-1 (NK6 Homeobox 1) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 4q21.23. NKX6-1 is also known as NKX6A and NKX6.1. The human NKX6-1 gene encodes a 37849 Da protein containing 367 amino acids. The NKX6-1 protein is biasedly expressed in esophagus, thyroid and other tissues. Among its related pathways are Regulation of beta-cell development and Glucose / Energy Metabolism. NKX6-1 is related to DNA-binding transcription factor activity and chromatin binding. NKX6-2 is an important paralog of NKX6-1 gene. NKX6-1 is associated with some diseases, including Maturity-Onset Diabetes Of The Young and Pancreatic Agenesis.

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    nkx6.1 Background

    NKX6-1 is a homeobox transcription factor participating in the development and regulation of endocrine function of pancreatic islets. NKX6-1 was expressed in 36 of the 44 (82%) primary pancreatic WDNETs, 12 of the 18 (67%) primary duodenal WDNETs, and rarely in pulmonary, gastric, and appendiceal WDNETs. The specificity of using NKX6-1 as a marker for pancreatic and duodenal WDNETs is 93%. Of the 26 metastatic WDNETs, NKX6-1 was expressed only in the tumors of pancreatic origin (sensitivity: 63%, specificity: 100%). The inclusion of NKX6-1 in an immunohistochemical panel will be beneficial for identifying the primary sites of WDNETs.

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