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      The sirtuin SIRT5 resides primarily in the mitochondrial matrix and catalyzes the removal of negatively charged lysine acyl modifications; succinyl, malonyl, and glutaryl groups SIRT5 as a significant regulator of cellular homeostasis, in a context- and cell-type specific manner, as has been observed previously for other sirtuin family members. SIRT5 regulates protein substrates involved in glycolysis, the TCA cycle, fatty acid oxidation, electron transport chain, ketone body formation, nitrogenous waste management, and ROS detoxification, among other processes. SIRT5 plays pivotal roles in cardiac physiology and stress responses and is involved in the regulation of numerous aspects of myocardial energy metabolism. SIRT5 is implicated in neoplasia, as both a tumor promoter and suppressor in a context-specific manner, and may serve a protective function in the setting of neurodegenerative disorders. The SIRT5 downregulation is associated with increased succinylation and activity of ACOX1 and oxidative DNA damage response in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

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