Vector 3

Vector 3 Information Description

The Vector 3 is 5.4kb in length, and contains the ampicillin resistance gene, conferring selection of the plasmid in E. coli, the kanamycin resistance gene (neomycin for mammalian selection), and the CMV promoter upstream of the cDNA insert. The SV40 origin allows for replication in mammalian cells, the ColE1 origin is the bacterial origin of replication, and the f1 origin is the filamentous phage origin of replication. The plasmid has multiple cloning sites as shown below. NOTE: the restriction enzymes used in each vector 3 clone is indicated in the product datasheet.

Usage Suggestion:The coding sequence can be easily obtained by digesting the vector with proper restriction enzyme(s). The coding sequence can also be amplified by PCR with primer pair SP6 and T7.

Vector 3 Physical Map