pUC19 Vector

pUC19 Vector Information Description

pUC19 is a small, high-copy number E. coli plasmid cloning vector, of which multiple cloning sites as shown below. The molecule is a small double-stranded circle, 2686 base pairs in length. pUC19 encodes the N-terminal fragment of b-galactosidase (lacZa), which allows for blue/white colony screening (i.e., a-complementation), as well as a pUC origin of replication. Most commercially available competent cells are appropriate for the plasmid, e.g. TOP10, DH5α and TOP10F´, JM109. Selection of the plasmid in E. coli is conferred by the ampicillin resistance gene.

Usage Suggestion:The ORF cDNA sequence can be amplified by PCR with M13-47 and RV-M primers.

pUC19 Vector Physical Map

pUC19 Vector Physical Map

1. The full-length cDNA sequence included of 5' UTR and 3' UTR region. And UTR nucleotide is ranging from a few dozens to thousands of base pairs in size. Only ORF sequence is displayed. We strongly recommended only use gene specific primers for sequencing or PCR to subclone but not restriction enzyme digestion.