CD103 antigens

CD103 antigens general information

CD103 Gene ID 16407
CD103 Official Full Name integrin alpha E, epithelial-associated
CD103 Cellular Expression T; B; Endothelial; Erythrocyte
CD103 Ligand/Receptor/Association E-cadherin
CD103 Function Lymphocyte retention. Receptor for E-cadherin.
CD103 Summary CD103 / cluster of differentiation 103, also known as Integrin, alpha E (ITGAE), is an integrin protein that in human is encoded by the ITGAE gene. CD103 binds integrin beta 7 (β7– ITGB7) to form the complete heterodimeric integrin molecule αEβ7, which has no distinct name. CD103 has also been reported on lamina propria T cells. A subset of dendritic cells in the gut mucosa and in mesenteric lymph nodes also expresses this marker and is known as CD103 DCs.

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