CD152 antigens

CD152 antigens general information

CD152 Gene ID 1493
CD152 Official Full Name cytotoxic T-lymphocyte associated protein 4
CD152 Alias CTLA-4
CD152 Cellular Expression T; B
CD152 Ligand/Receptor/Association CD86, CD80
CD152 Function T-cell inhibition
CD152 Summary This gene is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily and encodes a protein which transmits an inhibitory signal to T cells. The protein contains a V domain, a transmembrane domain, and a cytoplasmic tail. Alternate transcriptional splice variants, encoding different isoforms, have been characterized. The membrane-bound isoform functions as a homodimer interconnected by a disulfide bond, while the soluble isoform functions as a monomer. Mutations in this gene have been associated with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, Graves disease, Hashimoto thyroiditis, celiac disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, thyroid-associated orbitopathy, and other autoimmune diseases. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

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