CD225 antigens

CD225 antigens general information

CD225 Gene ID 8519
CD225 Official Full Name interferon induced transmembrane protein 1
CD225 Alias IFITM1, Leu-13, DSPA2a
CD225 Cellular Expression T; B; NK; Endothelial; Stem cell
CD225 Ligand/Receptor/Association  
CD225 Function Cell adhesion, cell growth and migration. Relays antiproliferative and homotypic adhesion signals
CD225 Summary Interferon-induced transmembrane protein 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the IFITM1 gene.[1][2] IFITM1 has also recently been designated CD225 (cluster of differentiation 225). This protein has several additional names: fragilis (human homolog of the mouse protein), IFI17 [interferon-induced protein 17], 9-27 [Interferon-inducible protein 9-27] and Leu13.IFITM1 is a member of the IFITM family (Interferon-induced transmembrane protein) which is encoded by IFITM genes. The human IFITM genes locate on chromosome 11 and have four members: IFITM1, IFITM2, IFITM3 and IFITM5.[3] While the mouse Ifitm genes locate on chromosome 7 and 16 and have six members: Ifitm1, Ifitm2, Ifitm3, Ifitm5, Ifitm6 and Ifitm7.

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