CD239 antigens

CD239 antigens general information

CD239 Gene ID 4059
CD239 Official Full Name basal cell adhesion molecule (Lutheran blood group)
CD239 Alias B-CAM, BCAM
CD239 Cellular Expression Endothelial; Epithelial; Erythrocyte
CD239 Ligand/Receptor/Association  
CD239 Function Laminin alpha-5 receptor
CD239 Summary This gene encodes Lutheran blood group glycoprotein, a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily and a receptor for the extracellular matrix protein, laminin. The protein contains five extracellular immunoglobulin domains, a single transmembrane domain, and a short C-terminal cytoplasmic tail. This protein may play a role in epithelial cell cancer and in vaso-occlusion of red blood cells in sickle cell disease. Polymorphisms in this gene define some of the antigens in the Lutheran system and also the Auberger system. Inactivating variants of this gene result in the recessive Lutheran null phenotype, Lu(a-b-), of the Lutheran blood group. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, May 2012]

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