CD272 antigens

CD272 antigens general information

CD272 Gene ID 208154
CD272 Official Full Name B and T lymphocyte associated
CD272 Alias BTLA
CD272 Cellular Expression T; B; Dendritic; Macrophage
CD272 Ligand/Receptor/Association HVEM
CD272 Function Lymphocyte inhibitory receptor
CD272 Summary BTLA (B- and T-lymphocyte attenuator); expression induced during activation of T cells. Like PD1 and CTLA4, BTLA interacts with a B7 homolog, B7H4. However, unlike PD-1 (CD279) and CTLA-4 (CD152), BTLA displays T-Cell inhibition via interaction with tumor necrosis family receptors (TNF-R), not just the B7 family of cell surface receptors. BTLA is a ligand for HVEM (CD270). BTLA-HVEM complexes negatively regulate T-cell immune responses. BTLA activation inhibits the function of CD8+ cancer-specific T cells.

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