CD33 antigens

CD33 antigens general information

CD33 Gene ID 945
CD33 Official Full Name CD33 molecule
CD33 Alias p67, Siglec-3
CD33 Cellular Expression Dendritic; Granulocyte; Macrophage; monocytes; Stem cell
CD33 Ligand/Receptor/Association certain sialic acids-linked carbohydrates
CD33 Function Cell adhesion, cell-cell signaling, inhibitory receptor, and apoptosis
CD33 Summary CD33 or Siglec-3 (sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin 3, SIGLEC3, SIGLEC-3, gp67, p67) is a transmembrane receptor expressed on cells of myeloid lineage.[1] It is usually considered myeloid-specific, but it can also be found on some lymphoid cells.[2] It binds sialic acids, therefore is a member of the SIGLEC family of lectins

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