CD360 antigens

CD360 antigens general information

CD360 Gene ID 50615
CD360 Official Full Name interleukin 21 receptor
CD360 Alias IL-21R
CD360 Cellular Expression T; B; NK; Dendritic; Granulocyte; Macrophage; Stem cell
CD360 Ligand/Receptor/Association IL-21
CD360 Function Receptor for interleukin-21.
CD360 Summary The protein encoded by this gene is identical to adenosine deaminase complexing protein-2, and to the T-cell activation antigen CD26. It is an intrinsic membrane glycoprotein and a serine exopeptidase that cleaves X-proline dipeptides from the N-terminus of polypeptides. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

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