CD9 antigens

CD9 antigens general information

CD9 Gene ID 928
CD9 Official Full Name CD9 molecule
CD9 Alias p24, MRP-1, 5H9 antigen, MIC3, TSPAN29, GIG2
CD9 Cellular Expression T; NK; Endothelial; Epithelial; Granulocyte; Macrophage; Platelet; Stem cell
CD9 Ligand/Receptor/Association PSG17
CD9 Function Platelet activation and aggregation, and cell adhesion and cell motility
CD9 Summary This gene encodes a member of the transmembrane 4 superfamily, also known as the tetraspanin family. Tetraspanins are cell surface glycoproteins with four transmembrane domains that form multimeric complexes with other cell surface proteins. The encoded protein functions in many cellular processes including differentiation, adhesion, and signal transduction, and expression of this gene plays a critical role in the suppression of cancer cell motility and metastasis. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2011]

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