CD antigens expression in differential cells

CD antigens / Cluster of Differentiation,are cell surface antigens of leukocytes, and important for immune reactions of organisms. CD antigens found in various immune cell populations like B cells, T cells, Dendritic cells and NK cells. As lymphocytes mature, they express different protein receptors on the cell surface, which can aid in determining the type and maturation stage of the cells being examined. These proteins or antigen markers are called Clusters of Differentiation.

Stem cell CD antigens
CD13 CD90 CD135
Myeloial Stem cell CD antigens
CD13 CD112 CD123
CD33 CD115 CD131
CD34 CD116 CD176
CD111 CD117 CD228
Lymphoid Stem cell CD antigens
CD10 CD38 CD124
CD34 CD90 CD127
CD antigens
CD42c CD123
CD49f CD131
CD antigens
CD antigens
CD13 CD112
CD14 CD115
CD33 CD116
CD111 CD131
CD antigens
CD13 CD112
CD33 CD114
CD34 CD116
CD35 CD123
CD111 CD131
Pro B cell
CD antigens
CD9 CD34
CD10 CD38
CD19 CD72
CD20 CD79a
CD22 CD79b
CD24 CD127
CD antigens
CD antigens
CD9 CD49f CD35 CD235a
CD23 CD61 CD44 CD236
CD31 CD84 CD55 CD238
CD36 CD147 CD59 CD239
CD42c CD151 CD147 CD242
CD49b CD226 CD233
CD antigens
CD10 CD89
CD16b CD93
CD24 CD114
CD32a CD116
CD32b CD131
CD43 CD157
CD66a CD170
CD66b CD171
CD antigens
CD9 CD114
CD24 CD116
CD32a CD125
CD35 CD131
CD antigens
CD9 CD114
CD25 CD131
CD33 CD125
CD38 CD154
Monocyte CD antigens
CD4 CD40 CD68 CD116
CD11C CD43 CD84 CD119
CD13 CD49b CD86 CD127
CD14 CD49e CD87 CD147
CD31 CD49f CD91 CD155
CD35 CD63 CD93 CD180
CD36 CD64 CD102
CD38 CD115
CD antigens
CD11c CD66b
CD13 CD66c
CD31 CD87
CD43 CD114
CD52 CD156a
B cells
CD antigens
CD5 CD49c
CD19 CD52
CD20 CD72
CD21 CD74
CD22 CD75
CD24 CD79a
CD32 CD79b
CD35 CD80
CD37 CD99
CD38 CD124
CD40 CD213a1
CD49b CD213a2
NK cells
CD antigens
CD2 CD158a
CD7 CD158b2
CD8a CD159a
CD8b CD160
CD16a CD161
CD16b CD162
CD35 CD226
CD48 CD244
CD56 CD247
CD69 CD257
CD122 CD316
CD130 CD357
T cells
CD antigens
CD2 CD98
CD3e CD99
CD4 CD102
CD5 CD108
CD6 CD121a
CD7 CD122
CD8a CD124
CD8b CD134
CD11c CD137
CD25 CD144
CD26 CD147
CD28 CD152
CD30 CD153
CD31 CD154
CD35 CD158a
CD38 CD160
CD43 CD161
CD48 CD162
CD49b CD164
CD49e CD171
CD49f CD183
CD69 CD212
CD70 CD223
CD71 CD226
CD75 CD247
CD antigens
CD antigens
Dendritic cells
CD antigens
CD62E CD144 CD11c CD71 CD1b CD256
CD93 CD146 CD14 CD74 CD1d CD270
CD102 CD147 CD16a CD87 CD11c CD272
CD105 CD152 CD26 CD119 CD23 CD273
CD106 CD157 CD31 CD212 CD85a CD276
CD116 CD166 CD32 CD155 CD123 CD352
CD121a CD201 CD36 CD156a CD180 CD360
CD124 CD202b CD63 CD170
CD140b CD213a1 CD68 CD204