Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen workshop Ⅲ/ HLDA3

The Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen workshop Ⅲ (HLDA3), held in Oxford in September 1986. More than 800 monoclonal antibodies were selected. HLDA3 defined 19 CD antigens, with several others still undefined. Nonetheless, the definition of the 19 CD antigens, as well as the listing of more than 900 monoclonal antibodies and their orginators, makes it a valuable reference work for anyone interested in using monoclonal antibodies to analyse constitutional and acquired changes in leucocyte subpopulations in relation to human disease. HLDA3 is organised into sections dealing with the CD antigens of the main leucocyte populations (T and B lymphocytes, myeloid cells), platelets, and antigens which are non-lineage restricted. Each section presents the analysis of a workshop study and is followed by a series of original research papers relevant to that section, using reagents to defined CD antigens.

New CD antigens list of HLDA3

Name Alias Function
CD27 T14, TNFRSF 7, CD27L receptor Costimulation of B- and T-cell activation
CD28 TP44, T44 T-cell proliferation, survival, IL-2 production, and Th2 cell development
CD29 Integrin β1, ITGB1, FNRB Lymphocyte and endothelial adhesion, lymphocyte trafficking and transvascular migration
CD30 Ki-1, TNFRSF8 Regulates lymphocyte proliferation and cell death. Activation of NF-κB
CD31 PECAM-1 Cell adhesion. Plays a key role in leukocyte trafficking across endothelium
CD32 FCG2, FCGR2A1, FCGR2 Regulation of B-cell function. Induces phagocytosis and mediator release.
CD32a FcγRII, FCGR2A,Fc gamma RIIA Innate and adaptive immune responses
CD32b FcγRII, FCGR2B,Fc gamma RIIB Phagocytosis of immune complexes and regulation of antibody production
CD33 p67, Siglec-3 Cell adhesion, cell-cell signaling, inhibitory receptor, and apoptosis
CD34 gp105-120, Mucosialin Cell adhesion
CD35 CR1, C3b/C4b receptor Receptor for complement components C3b and C4b. Mediates adhesion and phagocytosis
CD36 GPIV, GP3B, GP4, SCARB3 Cell adhesion, cholesterol transport, scavenger receptor
CD37 TSPAN26,GP52-40 Signal transduction. Regulates T-cell proliferation
CD38 T10, ADPRC1,ADP ribosyl cyclase 1 Cell adhesion and signal transduction
CD39 NTPDase 1, ENTPD1 B-cell adhesion. Protects activated cells from lysis
CD40 TNFRSF5 Cell adhesion, cell proliferation, and signal transduction
CD41 ITGA2B Platelet activation and aggregation.
CD42c GPIbb,GPIBB Platelet adhesion and aggregation
CD43 Leukosialin, sialophorin, SPN Cell adhesion and T cell activation
CD44 H-CAM, Pgp-1, Epican, HUTCH-I, LHR, ECMR-III Cell adhesion and migration
CD45 LCA, T200, B220, PTPRC Critical for B- and T-cell receptor mediated activation. Regullar of cell growth and differentiation