Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen workshop Ⅴ / HLDA5

The Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen workshop Ⅴ (HLDA5), held in Boston, USA, in November 1993. Those present at this meeting represent the efforts of more than 500 laboratories worldwide who have jeoined together over a 2-year period to analyze 1,450 antibodies and characterize more than 150 molecules. Blind panels for all monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) including every CD antigens, every known candidate for CD status, and all MoAbs of undefined specificity, were analyzed by flow cytometry. Other dedicated laboratories undertook serologic, molecular, biochemical,and histochemical characterization of the MoAbs and the structures they defined. The results obtained by all groups showed almost perfect concordance. Detailed results of these studies will be published separately. Based on these findings, the workshop organizers are pleased to recommend the adoption of 48 new CD clusters and subclusters and the redefinition of 14 previously established clusters. Table1 summarizes the additions and changes made to the existing CD nomenclature.

New CD antigens list of HLDA5

New CD Alias Function
CD16b FcγRIIIB, FCGR3B, FCG3, FCGR3, IGFR3 Low affinity Fc receptor
CD32 FCG2, FCGR2A1, FCGR2 Regulation of B-cell function. Induces phagocytosis and mediator release.
CD42c GPIbb,GPIBB Platelet adhesion and aggregation
CD44 H-CAM, Pgp-1, Epican, HUTCH-I, LHR, ECMR-III Cell adhesion and migration
CD49b VLA-2, ITGA2 Adhesion and platelet aggregation.
CD49c VLA-3, ITGA3 Adhesion and signal transduction
CD49e VLA-5, ITGA5 Adhesion, regulation of cell survival and apoptosis
CD49f VLA-6, ITGA6 Embryogenesis, adhesion and cell migration
CD50 ICAM-3 Adhesion and costimulation
CD51 Vitronectin receptor, ITGAV, MSK8 Adhesion and signal transduction
CD52 CAMPATH-1, HE5, CDW52 Complement-mediated cell lysis and antibody-mediated cellular cytotoxicity
CD62E E-selectin, ELAM-1, SELE Tumor cell adhesion and angiogenesis
CD62L L-selectin, LECAM-1, SELL Leukocyte rolling and homing on activated endothelium
CD62P P-selectin, PADGEM, SELP, LECAM3 Cell adhesion
CD66a BGP-1, NCA-160, CEACAM1 Neutrophil activation, homophilic and heterophilic adhesion
CD66b CD67, CGM6, CEACAM8 Cell adhesion and neutrophil activation
CD66c NCA, CEACAM6 Cell adhesion and neutrophil activation
CD66d CGM1, CEACAM3 Cell adhesion and neutrophil activation
CD66e CEA, CEACAM5 Homophilic and heterophilic adhesion. May play a role in the metastasis of cancer cells
CD70 Ki-24, CD27L, TNFSF7 Induces proliferation of costimulated T-cells. Enhances the generation of cytotoxic T-cells and contributes to T-cell activation.
CD79a MB1, IGA, Ig-alpha Subunit of B-cell antigen receptor.Signal transduction
CD79b B29, IGB, Ig-beta Subunit of B-cell antigen receptor.Signal transduction
CD80 B7, B7-1, BB1 Costimulation of T-cell activation and proliferation.
CD81 TAPA-1, Tetraspanin-28 Signal transduction and Cell adhesion
CD82 R2, KAI1, Tetraspanin-27 Signal transduction
CD83 HB15 Antigen presentation and immune stimulation
CD86 B70, B7-2, CD28LG2 Costimulation of T-cell activation and proliferation
CD87 UPA-R, PLAUR, MO3 Cell chemotaxis and adhesion
CD89 FcαR, FCAR IgA Fc receptor
CD91 LRP1,A2MR,APOER Endocytic receptor involved in intracellular signaling, lipid homeostasis, and phagocytosis of apoptotic cells
CD93 C1qR, C1QR1, MXRA4 Cell adhesion and clearance of apoptotic cells
CD95 Apo-1, FASLG, APTL, TNFRSF6 Induces apoptosis
CD96 TACTILE Involved in adhesive interactions of activated T cells and NK cells
CD97 ADGRE5 Neutrophil migration, cell adhesion and signaling
CD98 4F2hc, SLC3A2, MDU1 Cell activation and cell aggregation
CD99 MIC2, E2 Leukocyte migration, T-cell activation and cell adhesion
CD100 Semaphorin 4D, SEMA4D Enhancement of B-cell and dendritic cell responses
CD102 ICAM-2 Adhesion, costimulation and lymphocyte recirculation
CD103 HUMINAE, ITGA1 Lymphocyte retention. Receptor for E-cadherin.
CD105 Endoglin, ENG, END Angiogenesis. Regulatory component of TGF-beta receptor complex.Modulates cellular response to TGF beta 1
CD106 VCAM-1, L1CAM Leukocyte adhesion. Transmigration and costimulation of T-cells.
CD107a LAMP-1 Cell adhesion
CD107b LAMP-2 May be involved in leukocyte adhesion.Implicated in tumor cell metastasis