Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen workshop Ⅵ / HLDA6

The Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen workshop Ⅵ (HLDA6), held in Kobe, Japan, in November 1996. More than 500 laboratories worldwide participated in the evaluation of 1,152 antibodies and the characterization of more than 190 molecules during a 2-year period. Serologic, molecular, biochemical, histochemical, and functional characterization of the monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) and the structures defined by them was undertaken by dedicated participating laboratories. The cross-lineage blind panels for all MoAbs, including every CD, every known candidate for CD status, and all MoAbs of undefined specificity, were analyzed by flow cytometry and the results of the blind panel study were subjected to statistical analysis to identify possible antibody clusters. The results obtained by all groups showed almost perfect accordance. Based on these findings, the workshop organizers are pleased to recommend the adoption of 41 new CD clusters and subclusters and the redefinition of 11 previously established clusters.

New CD antigens list of HLDA6

New CD Alias Function
CD52 CAMPATH-1, HE5, CDW52 Complement-mediated cell lysis and antibody-mediated cellular cytotoxicity
CD66f PSG1, Sp-1, PSBG1 Cell adhesion, cellular migration, pathogen binding and activation of signaling pathways
CD84 SLAM5 Homophilic adhesion molecule. Enhances T-cell activation and cytokine production
CD90 Thy-1 Costimulation of lymphocytes and cell adhesion
CD114 GCSFR, CSF3R Myeloid cell proliferation and differentiation
CD116 GM-CSFRα, CSF2RA, GM-CSFR Myeloid cell hematopoiesis and differentiation
CD121a IL-1R type I, IL1R1, IL1R1, IL-1 RI Receptor for IL1A, IL1B and IL1RN. Mediates IL1 signaling
CD124 IL4RA, IL4R Receptor for IL4 and IL13
CD127 IL-7R, IL7R Receptor for IL7
CD130 IL-6Rβ, gp130, IL6ST Transmits activities of IL6, IL11, LIF and CNF
CD132 IL2RG, Common γ Forms complexes with other cell surface proteins including CD25, CD122, CD124, CD127 and others. Complexes with other cell surface proteins to form receptors for the cytokines IL2, IL4, IL7, IL9, and IL15.
CD134 OX-40, TNFRSF4 T-cell activation, proliferation and differentiation, apoptosis and cell adhesion
CD135 Flt3, Flk2 Receptor tyrosine kinase. Growth factor receptor. Signaling through CD135.
CD138 Syndecan-1, SDC Cell proliferation, cell migration, and cell-matrix interactions
CD140a PDGFRα, PDGFRA Cell proliferation, differentiation and survival
CD140b PDGFRβ, PDGFRB Cell proliferation, differentiation and survival
CD141 THBD, AHUS6, BDCA3, THPH12, THRM, TM Activation of protein C and initiation of protein C anti-coagulant pathway.
CD142 Tissue Factor, F3 Initiates blood clotting
CD143 ACE1, DCP, DCP1, ICH, MVCD3 Converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II by release of terminal His-Leu, which results in an increase of the vasoconstrictor activity of angiotensin. Cell adhesion.
CD144 VE-Cadherin, Cadherin-5 Cell adhesion.
CD146 MUC18, S-endo, MCAM Cell adhesion. Involved in heterophilic cell to cell interactions
CD147 Neurothelin, basoglin, Basigin, BSG,EMMPRIN Cell adhesion and T-cell activation
CD148 HPTP-eta, DEP1, PTPRJ Tyrosine phosphatase cell signaling, cell growth and differentiation, mitotic cycle and oncogenic transformation
CD151 PETA-3, GP27, SFA-1 Cell adhesion.
CD152 CTLA-4 T-cell inhibition
CD153 CD30L, TNFSF8 Binds to CD30 and induces proliferation of T-cells
CD154 CD40L, CD40 Ligand, gp39, TRAP Mediates B-cell proliferation, IgE production and is involved in immunoglobulin class switching
CD155 PVR, NECL-5 Mediates NK cell adhesion and triggers their effector functions.
CD157 BST-1 Synthesis of cyclic ADP-ribose and putative involvement in pre-B-cell growth
CD158a p58.1, KIR2DL1 Inhibits the activity of NK cells
CD161 NKR-P1A, KLRB1 Inhibits NK cell mediated cytotoxicity. Induces immature thymocyte proliferation
CD162 PSGL-1, SELPLG Mediates rapid rolling of leukocytes over vascular surfaces during inflammation
CD163 M130, MM130 Clearance and endocytosis of hemoglobin / haptoglobin complexes by macrophages.
CD164 MGC-24, MUC-24 Facilitates the adhesion of CD34+ cells to the stroma and negatively regulates their proliferation
CD166 ALCAM Mediates cell adhesion by binding to CD6 for intrathymic T-cell development