Cytokines & Growth Factors Genes

Sino Biological Inc. provided full range of cytokines and growth factors related genes with multiple species and tags. The genes here also possess high quality with full length sequence and most of the genes are expression ready and have been expression validated to high protein expression level.

Absolute Strengths of Cytokines & Growth Factors Genes

Multiple Species: Human, Mouse, Rat, Canine, Cynomolgus, Ferret, Rabbit
Full length sequence
Expression Ready: Just add to cells and get gene expression.
Expression Validated with higher protein expression level
Mutiple Tags: FLAG, His, GFP, OFP, Myc, HA

Human bFGF/FGF2 Gene (HG10014-ANG) Expression validated Image

Human IL1B (HG10139-ACR) Gene Expression validated Image

Human NGF Gene (HG11050-ACG) Expression validated Image

Mouse CCL5 (MG50022-CF) Gene Expression validated Image

Cytokines & Growth Factors Genes

Cytokines & Growth Factors genes (gene name in alphabetic order)