IRTA1/FCRL4 Protein Overview: Sequence, Structure, Function and Protein Interaction

IRTA1/FCRL4 Protein Overview

Chromosomal abnormalities involving translocation breakpoints at 1q21-q23 are frequent in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (see BCL9; 602597) and multiple myeloma (MM; see 254500). By cloning the breakpoints of a (1;14)(q21;q32) chromosomal translocation in the FR4 multiple myeloma cell line, followed by exon trapping and screening a spleen cDNA library, Hatzivassiliou et al. (2001) obtained cDNAs encoding 3 isoforms of IRTA1 and 4 isoforms of IRTA2 (605877). The differences in the IRTA1A, IRTA1B, and IRTA1C isoforms arise from alternate usage of 3 potential polyadenylation sites in the 3-prime untranslated region; however, the isoforms are identical at the amino acid level. Sequence analysis predicted that the 515-amino acid IRTA1 protein contains a signal peptide; 4 extracellular Ig-type domains with 3 potential N-linked glycosylation sites; a 16-amino acid transmembrane region; and a 106-amino acid cytoplasmic domain with 3 putative consensus SH2-binding domains. The SH2-binding domains exhibit features of both ITIMs (immune receptor tyrosine-based inhibition motifs) and ITAMs (immune receptor tyrosine-based activation motifs) and have the potential to give rise to either 3 ITIMs or 1 ITAM and 1 ITIM. Northern blot analysis detected very low levels of 3.5-, 2.7-, and 2.5-kb transcripts in spleen and lymph node, with no expression in other tissues or lymphocyte cell lines tested. Expression of IRTA1 could be induced in an estrogen-deprived, Epstein-Barr virus-immortalized cell line. In situ hybridization and immunohistochemical analysis showed that IRTA1 expression is concentrated in the perifollicular area of tonsil tissue, a site rich in memory B cells.

IRTA1/FCRL4 protein name

Recommended name
Fc receptor-like protein 4

IRTA1/FCRL4 Gene family protein

IRTA1/FCRL4 Protein Molecular Weight & PI

The parameters have been computed for the following feature

FT CHAIN 20-515 Fc receptor-like protein 4.

Molecular weight (Da)


Theoretical pI


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