Matrix protein 2 / M2 Protein Overview: Sequence, Structure, Function and Protein Interaction

Matrix protein 2 / M2 Protein Overview

Matrix protein 2 / M2 reagents

The glutathione S-transferases (GST; EC are a family of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of a broad range of xenobiotics and carcinogens (Mannervik, 1985). This enzyme catalyzes the reaction of glutathione with a wide variety of organic compounds to form thioethers, a reaction that is sometimes a first step in a detoxification process leading to mercapturic acid formation.Based on amino acid sequence similarities and antibody cross-reactivities, the mammalian cytosolic GSTs are divided into several classes, including alpha (e.g., 138359), mu (e.g., 138350), kappa (602321), theta (e.g., 600436), pi (134660), omega (605482), and zeta (603758). In addition, there is a class of microsomal GSTs (e.g., 138330). Each class is encoded by a single gene or a gene family.

Recombinant Matrix protein 2 / M2 protein citations

Protective efficacy of Fc targeting conserved influenza virus M2e antigen expressed by Lactobacillus plantarum
Yang, WT;Yang, GL;Wang, Q;Huang, HB;Jiang, YL;Shi, CW;Wang, JZ;Huang, KY;Jin, YB;Wang, CF;
Antiviral Res.

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