uPAR/PLAUR Antibody Guideline: Preparation, Dilution and Applications

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody Overview

There are 18 uPAR/PLAUR antibodies which are validated in multiple tissues with various applications, including IHC-P, ELISA(Cap), ELISA(Det), FCM, ELISA, ICC/IF, IP. There are 2 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for IHC-P, 1 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for ELISA(Cap), 1 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for ELISA(Det), 8 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for FCM, 7 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for ELISA, 1 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for ICC/IF, 1 uPAR/PLAUR antibody for IP. Among all these uPAR/PLAUR antibodies, there are 5 anti-uPAR/PLAUR rabbit polyclonal antibodies , 11 anti-uPAR/PLAUR mouse monoclonal antibodies , 2 anti-uPAR/PLAUR rabbit monoclonal antibodies . All the uPAR/PLAUR anbodies are produced in house and all are in stock. uPAR/PLAUR antibody customerized service is available.


uPAR/PLAUR Antibody flow cytometry

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody flow cytometry Preparation

This antibody was produced from a hybridoma resulting from the fusion of a mouse myeloma with B cells obtained from a mouse immunized with purified, recombinant Human PLAUR / CD87 (rh PLAUR / CD87; Catalog#10925-H08H; Q03405-1; Met1-Arg303). The IgG fraction of the cell culture supernatant was purified by Protein A affinity chromatography.

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody flow cytometry Validated

Application FC
Dilution 1:25-1:100

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody immunohistochemistry

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody immunohistochemistry Preparation

Produced in rabbits immunized with a synthetic peptide corresponding to the C-terminus of the Rat PLAUR / CD87, and purified by antigen affinity chromatography.

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody immunohistochemistry Validated

Application IHC
Dilution 1:500-1:2000

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody immunoprecipitation

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody immunoprecipitation Preparation

Produced in rabbits immunized with purified, recombinant Human PLAUR / CD87 / uPAR (rh PLAUR / CD87 / uPAR; Catalog#10925-H08H; Q03405-1; Met 1-Arg 303). PLAUR / CD87 / uPAR specific IgG was purified by Human PLAUR / CD87 / uPAR affinity chromatography.

uPAR/PLAUR Antibody immunoprecipitation Validated

Application IP
Dilution 4-6 μL/mg of lysate

uPAR/PLAUR antibody citations

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