Biopharmaceutical Services

Biopharmaceutical Development Service Description

Sino Biological has a comprehensive antibody drug research and development platform, with experienced scientists and advanced equipments to provide monoclonal antibody preparation, high-throughput antibody production, antibody engineering, and biopharmaceutical analysis services involving physicochemical analysis and biological activities.

Biopharmaceutical Development Service Types

Biopharmaceutical Development Service Highlights

  • >6,000 protein expression experience
  • >20,000 antibody screening experience
  • Successfully screened dozens of candidate antibodies with good biological activity and druggability against several important drug targets
  • Established cell activity evaluation models for many antibodies against key drug targets (PD-1, PD-L1, and EGFR, etc)
  • A full set of preclinical research experience for multiple key drug targets

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