High-throughput Antibody Production Service

High-throughput Antibody Production Service Description

With the rapid development of biopharmaceutical research in recent years, more and more researchers hope to validate a large number of screening antibody samples in a short time. In order to meet the increasing demand for high-throughput and rapid-expression of antibodies, Sino Biological provides high-throughput recombinant antibody expression and purification services that has combined professional high-throughput gene synthesis, vector construction, and optimized technology of transient antibody expression. Making full use of superior mammalian cell expression platforms, Sino Biological can provide services of rapid production of recombinant antibodies in HEK293/CHO cells.

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High-throughput Antibody Production Service Details

Service procedures Specification Timeline Scale Deliverables Pricing

Gene synthesis and codon optimization
  2-4 weeks • 50 μg ~ 100 μg
• 101 μg ~ 500 μg
• 501 μg ~ 1 mg
• >1 mg ~ 5 mg
• Purified antibody
• CoA
• Expression vector

Vector construction
• Expression vector construction
• Plasmid sequencing
• Plasmid production

Expression & purification
• Transient transfection of HEK293 / CHO cells
• Antibody purification by one-step affinity purification

QC analysis
• Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV

In this high-throughput antibody production service, please note that:

1.Client needs to provide the antibody sequence or plasmid.
2.A standard service includes: antibody concentration detected by A280 and purity evaluated by SDS-PAGE. If other detection services such as SEC-HPLC and endotoxin test are required, please indicate it in the request form.

High-throughput Antibody Production Service Highlights

  • Free codon optimization
  • Optimized high-efficiency expression vectors
  • Optimized culture medium and expression systems
  • Flexible production scales
  • Fast turnaround
  • Great expression capacity: >100 antibodies per week

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