Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service (ONLY available in China temporarily)

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service Description

For the discovery of therapeutic antibodies, the selection of targets in the early stage and the acquisition of antibodies are of utmost importance. Sino Biological has a comprehensive technology platform from antigen design and synthesis, antibody preparation, antibody screening to antibody identification. also an optimized mouse hybridoma technology platform, a leading rabbit monoclonal antibody technology platform, a high-throughput antibody screening and sequencing, and high-throughput antibody production technology platform. Sino Biological is your good partner for drug target screening, who has successfully delivered tens of thousands of projects and has ample practical experience. We will help you through your antibody drug discovery from target selection, to clinical drug candidates.

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service Types

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service Highlights

Antigen preparation

• Recombinant protein antigens production and detection
• Peptide antigens design and preparation

Multi-species animals immunization

• Mouse and rabbit immunization
• SPF animal room
• P2 animal room

Comprehensive immunization methods

• poviding immunization services including:protein, peptide, whole cell and DNA, etc.

Monoclonal antibody production technology

• Optimized mouse hybridoma technology - Optimized high-efficient electrofusion technique
• Proprietary rabbit mAb technology - antibody library technology, library size >10^8; liquid and solid phase screening

Various detection techniques

• Capacity > 100 samples / time
• Isotype characterization
• Epitope binning
• Affinity measurement
• Affinity ranking
• EC50 and IC50

Multiple high-throughput screening methods

• ELISA (capacity > 10,000 samples / day)
• FACS, IHC, IF/ICC, etc.
• Cross screening
• Competitive ELISA

High-throughput antibody production

• Hybridoma serum-free culture technology
• High-throughput recombinant antibody production technology
• High purity, low endotoxin antibody production (Biological activity assays and in vivo assays)

Well-established Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service Platforms

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